Thanks to its unique setting, Tankwa Tented Camp offers completely unique ‘things to do’.

The beauty and desolation, space and silence, will call you to try things that are inconceivable in a city.

  • Stargazing – you may actually manage to pick one from the sky.
  • Area 51 Walk – Wandering and wondering (incomplete, unpopulated safety) – be enchanted on your walk by the silence, the space, the vistas, the perseverance of the tiny plants, be amazed by the myriad of ancient geological formations and stone shapes, and be surprised by the artworks you may encounter on your way. Always take plenty of drinking water along!
  • Enjoy the wildflowers July – September, rain willing.
  • Spot the game – Oryx, springbok, birds, crickets and fascinating insects
  • Visit the adjoining Tankwa National Park with its variety of fauna and flora (entry fees apply)
  • Go to the beach! Really, we mean it!!
  • Sundowners on Sunset Hill / Labyrinth – enjoy spectacular views (Ties compulsory, available at reception).
  • Art Tour visit the land art scattered around our nature reserve
  • Artscape Workshops

We encourage you to disconnect from your day to day routine….